rifle/carbine ClassES:

​equipment lists:

Rifle Class Equipment List:

Reliable semi-automatic, magazine-fed rifle.

Pack or book bag stuffed with towels or clothes to use as a shooting rest.

Rifle rentals $20

Sling ( 1, 2, or 3 point)

At least three (3) magazines but more recommended (the more the better).

Small bottle of lubricant and cleaning kit. 

Load bearing equipment: a belt with magazine pouches is all that is necessary.

 200 - 400 rounds of quality ammunition.  

Steel core and tracer ammunition prohibited at the Burro Canyon Shooting Park. 

.22 Long Rifle is welcome and encouraged.

Common Equipment List:

Positive mental attitude and open mind to learn new things. 

Eye protection: Shooting glasses or sunglasses will be MANDATORY

Hearing protection: ear plugs or muffs

Cargo pants or jeans

Boots or strong shoes

Water and/or sports drinks

Lunch, snacks, power bars, trail mix, etc.

Pen and notebook for nuggets of wisdom

Hat with brim (recommended)

Knee pads (recommended)


Bag or pack to hold belongings

Towel, rag, or shemagh for neck protection and general purpose

Wet/cold weather clothing when appropriate.
Long Range Precision Rifle Courses:
Provided via Victor Lopez with the Sierra Element, former USMC Scout/Sniper and current LAPD detective. 
​​​​​Rifle/Carbine 101:  The Fundamentals of Rifle Marksmanship 

Introduction to rifle marksmanship and basic manipulations.  

Open to all semi-automatic rifles but heavy emphasis on the AR-15 series.

Prerequisites: None

Courses of Fire and Learning Objectives:
Battle sight zero of your rifle and primary guidance system.  Slow fire supported prone
Sitting, kneeling, and standing position.
Advancing on target.

Rifle/Carbine 202:  Intermediate Rifle Techniques 

Continuation of rifle marksmanship with added movement, manipulations and stressors.

Culminates in advancing on target with another shooter.

Prerequisites: Rifle/Carbine 101 or equivalent from another institution.

Courses of Fire and Learning Objectives:
Static pivoting
Rifle-to-pistol transitions
Advancing on target(s).
Support side shootingType your paragraph here.
Rifle/Carbine 303: Small Unit Tactics (SHTF Rifle)

Synopsis: This class is less firearm-type specific but about tactics and teamwork.   Where Rifle/Carbine 202 ends, Rifle/Carbine 303 begins.  A rifle and pistol would be the optimum combination.
*Prerequisites: Rifle 202 or equivalent from another institution but must complete the fire and movement portion of Rifle/Carbine 202. 

Courses of Fire and Learning Objectives:
Buddy team fire and movement
Break contact
Talking guns
Contact left and right
Contact rear
Envelopment left or right 

Gear list particular to Rifle/Carbine 303: 
Service-type pistol, holster, three (3) pistol magazines, belt, and pistol magazine pouches for transition drills.  
Ammunition (the more you bring the more you get to go through again):
Pistol: 100 rounds (dependent upon shooter’s choice)

.22 Long Rifle is welcome and encouraged.

Steel core and tracer ammunition prohibited at Burro Canyon.  

All else per the standard rifle class list.