equipment lists:

Rifle Class Equipment List:

Reliable semi-automatic, magazine-fed rifle.

Pack or book bag stuffed with towels or clothes to use as a shooting rest.

Rifle rentals $20

Sling ( 1, 2, or 3 point)

At least three (3) magazines but more recommended (the more the better).

Small bottle of lubricant and cleaning kit. 

Load bearing equipment: a belt with magazine pouches is all that is necessary.

 200 - 400 rounds of quality ammunition.  

Steel core and tracer ammunition prohibited at the Burro Canyon Shooting Park. 

.22 Long Rifle is welcome and encouraged.

Common Equipment List:

Positive mental attitude and open mind to learn new things. 

Eye protection: Shooting glasses or sunglasses will be MANDATORY

Hearing protection: ear plugs or muffs

Cargo pants or jeans

Boots or strong shoes

Water and/or sports drinks

Lunch, snacks, power bars, trail mix, etc.

Pen and notebook for nuggets of wisdom

Hat with brim (recommended)

Knee pads (recommended)


Bag or pack to hold belongings

Towel, rag, or shemagh for neck protection and general purpose

Wet/cold weather clothing when appropriate.

Frequently Asked Questions and General Information

Q. Where do you offer your firearm courses?

A. Mostly at the Burro Canyon Shooting Park at 22100 E East Fork Rd, Azusa, CA 91702.  I can also host classes at Mike Raahagues Shooting Enterprise at 14995 River Rd, Corona, CA 92880.  I maintain a good working relationship with Pat, this can be an alternative site for private classes for those who live closer to Corona.

​Q.  Do you rent firearms and equipment?

A. YES I DO!  We have rifles, pistols and shotguns for rent.  $20 for rifles and $10 for pistols.  The rental fee includes all supporting equipment other than ammunition.

Q.  Do you offer private classes to groups and individuals?

A.  YES I DO!  Private classes can be hosted at Burro Canyon or Raahagues.  For Burro Canyon the price is $490 for a group of 1 - 3 people for a four hour class.  For a group of 4 or more the price drops to the public price of $140 per person for a four hour class.

Q.  What is the atmosphere of your classes?  Is it a boot camp?  Will I be insulted or talked down to?

A.  Courtesy and professionalism is #1 at Saint Crispians.  The atmosphere I foster is what you would expect of a college classroom or when walking into a business.  I was a Marine Corps Officer for many years.  I am set at PG-13.  The biggest testament and compliment to this is many male students will bring their significant others, female and younger family members to us for training.  We are trusted with lives and safety and we don't take that lightly.

Q.  Once I enroll will you send me an email with details for the class?

A.  Better than that, you will get a link to the detailed Letter of Instruction which is maintained on a separate web site and updated about a week prior to the class date.  You can also go to the link here for a general idea: